Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hey there. We went to Yellowfin in Champaign this past weekend for lunch and remembered to take pictures! And the pictures look nice since it was daytimey out.

So here is our predicament: it's hard to choose between sushi places! We usually go between this place, Sushi Kame (also in Champaign) and two places in Terre Haute, IN: Sushi Umi and Tokyo Japanese. All are excellent. But this time we chose Yellowfin. It is attached to an Asian grocery store and when we popped in there after eating I saw that they were selling little sushi trays to go. Or were they? It seems like I saw that. Anyway.

The waitress brought us complimentary miso soup and then a little plate of squid salad and oysters - all of this was very good. Ken ordered the Ten Don, which was various tempura over rice and vegetables. And here it is:

I like how he is all poised over it ready to pounce.

Then the waitress brought our big board of rolls:

Nice, huh? I'll try to remember which ones we got. This one below (to the right in the photo) is the deep fried California roll. It might have a name that I can't remember, or it might be called that. It is soooooooo good. I realize now that Ken should have written this post so he can tell you if there's special sauce or anything in it. I just know it is a California roll - deep fried. It makes the rice all gooey and yum.

Look how cute the little carrot/wasabi butterfly is!! The sushi chef here is very creative and my favorite of all the places we go to when it comes to these little details.

Next we have the sushi pizza. I asked Ken to describe it: "I believe spicy salmon with some spicy mayo drizzled on it. And that was a tempura fried rice cake." and "I think it also had some bbq sauce on it. The same kind they put on the eel." I am bad at remembering what is in things.

And now the dragon roll. They have a few different dragon rolls on the menu, this is just the plain old dragon. Now I can't remember what was inside, but it has eel and avocado on top with a bbq type sauce. It is delicious and as you can see: dragon-ey. Next to it is one that I can't remember now. I think it was a spicy tuna over spicy salmon. But I am second guessing myself here.

And just like that, it is all gone!

Yellowfin is very cute inside and they have pretty good service - sometimes they are very busy and it gets a little slower. Make sure you come early if it's a weekend since it's a pretty small place that packs really fast. Twice we arrived at prime dinner time and had to find another place to eat since we were too hungry to wait for a table. Not sure if they do reservations or not. They used to also have Korean dishes on the menu, but have taken that part off, which is sad - those were good, too! It is one of our favorite restaurants.

Yellowfin's Address:
303 Cedar St
Champaign, IL 61820

and their phone number:
(217) 351-7878

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